About Us

Retouch International Ministries, Inc. (RIM) is a Christian Organization in the Maryland Metropolitan area, that improves the lives of undiscovered (overlooked) teenage girls by offering a well-designed holistic curriculum which propels them to success. RIM uses a comprehensive approach which focuses on the WHOLE person, mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Although RIM operates on the principles of Christianity, faith is personal and is not imposed on individuals.

The charity helps teenage girls with the following characteristics (Not limited to)

Girls ages 13+

  • Involvement with Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Bullying history
  • Mental Health Diagnosis ( Depression, Anxiety, PTSD)
  • High School Drop out
  • From Alternative High School Programs
  • Foster Care

A summary of the charity’s curriculum is provided below:

  • LifeSkills Training using an evidence base curriculum
  • Self defense
  • Partnership with tutoring centers (academic skills, assessment, subject tutoring, Exam preparation)
  • Health & Wellness; nutrition and fitness
  • Community Service Involvement
  • Financial literacy
  • Family value: Life Skills Training Parent Program; teaching parents additional tools & resources to enhance their parenting skills.
  • Socialization skills/ social etiquette (Society/Media & what really matters): Establish skills & values which will enable them to live and succeed within their community.
  • Job Training skills
  • Individual/Group Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Hygiene, Self-Care 
  • Graduation Ceremony

Based on RIM’s services, students will:

  • Increase their academic score, i.e. math, reading, phonics, writing, vocabulary & comprehension levels
  • Increase knowledge and ability to execute beneficial health choices
  • Increase financial knowledge/literacy to include budgeting, banking, saving, tax planning, emotional influences on financial behavior, etc.
  • Increase self awareness, coping methods and skills for successful decision making & problem solving
  • Increase motivation for service and community involvement
  • Increase community safety (human trafficking, etc)
  • Increase awareness and ability to use self defense techniques
  • Increase employability and job maintenance
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