About Us

Creative Gallery Workshops helps youth and their families from ages 11 to 23 from all backgrounds. The Program focuses on three core values; Create(students learn to use creative skills to develop healthy community solutions), Serve(students learn to serve their community through the arts), Advocate (students learn to responsibly advocate for beneficial community improvement).

Workshop Focus:

Through the utilization of our Creative Gallery Workshops, the youth use photography, painting, pottery/sculpting, tapestry, cooking, refurbishing furniture, and other creative opportunities to learn how to problem solve and create solutions for life improving trades or jobs for future career.

Program Structure:

CGW’s Curriculum/Structure uses the arts as a creative, therapeutic and engaging methodology to foster one-to-one mentorship, build character, integrity, resilience, discipline and growth. Using the evidence based Botvin LifeSkills Training, (BLST) and other supplemental materials, students learn Personal Self-Management Skills where they develop skills that will help them enhance personal development, ability to think critically and problem-solving, reduce stress and anxiety, and appropriately express anger. Social Skills, youth establish skills to meet and resolve personal challenges such as overcoming shyness, communicating clearly, building positive relationships, conflict resolution and avoiding violence. Drug Resistance Skills, youth will learn and build effective defenses against pressures to use tobacco, alcohol and other  drugs.

Business/Trade Skills: youth establish practical and mechanical skills to help develop a life improving trade or job for future career.

Based on RIM’s services, students will:

  • Increase their academic score, i.e. math, reading, phonics, writing, vocabulary & comprehension levels
  • Increase knowledge and ability to execute beneficial health choices
  • Increase financial knowledge/literacy to include budgeting, banking, saving, tax planning, emotional influences on financial behavior, etc.
  • Increase self awareness, coping methods and skills for successful decision making & problem solving
  • Increase motivation for service and community involvement
  • Increase community safety (human trafficking, etc)
  • Increase awareness and ability to use self defense techniques
  • Increase employability and job maintenance