Becoming A Great Woman!

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I remember asking myself as a young adult during my undergraduate years, “What qualities make a great woman and do I possess such qualities?” I couldn’t help, but walk down the lane of my past, thinking about all the pain bottled up from within, due to countless experiences when I felt misused, abused, and taken advantage of. Those years of agonizing abuse made me feel as if I was robbed and stripped of my soul and had lost power to become a great woman. Often I would find myself wondering about if I’d ever arrive to that place called serenity, perfect healing. I had often heard and read about such a place where spiritual and mental freedom could be had, but would it be a reality for me? Could I ever be that free, unstoppable, amazing and yes, that great woman, that I’d often read about?

The pains I so early experienced persuaded me to believe that I was not worthy enough, good enough, smart enough or tough enough to be a great woman. It bullied me to believe that I didn’t have enough wit to rise above; hence, could never be woman enough, yet alone a great one. In my thoughts and prayers I was eager to know what characteristics make a great woman. Is it her beauty? Her shape or how voluptuous she is? Was it how thick, long or curly her hair was? Maybe it was the softness or pigment of her skin? If not, then maybe it was the sound of her voice, how subtle she laughs? I wanted to know because I desired to become a great woman.

As I prayerfully continued my quest for becoming a great woman, I found myself asking God countless amounts of questions. Like, what manner of strength does that woman possess that makes her great and powerful? Or maybe it was her obstinacy that keeps her grounded and determined? What about her love and radiance that draws her friends and family like a magnet? What about the fearlessness and courage that she possesses in spite of all odds against her, that made her unshakable? What was the secret element to becoming a great woman?

Through my tireless inquiries and the wisdom of God, I came to understand and learned that the answers regarding all my questions were all within my very own pains. Through my brokenness God in his wisdom, affirmed in me in a whisper, that the answer is not in aspiring to become a great woman, but rather being a great person. He said being a great and honorable woman is not about external appearances, achievements or putting on a facade of being in control or dominance, but rather, embracing and accepting the power of God to live in me and through me, in strength, courage, love, faith, grace and with determination. I realized it was simply about pressing forward beyond the walls of fear, inconvenience, and other paralytic conformities to service God and others.

Being a Great woman is about receiving God’s hope, healing, empowerment and knowing you’re forgiven and restored. Your past is placed behind you and you’re pushed forward to fully live and thrive in your purpose in God. It is not being free from mistakes or pain. It’s being free from the bondage of the symptoms of pain, guilt, and shame. When guilt or fear would attempt to creep in your mind or into your daily life, you must thrust forward knowing that the love of God bids you to conquer and live victoriously, without shame or guilt, because He paid it all, by way of the cross. So in your journey of being a great woman, press forward in hope, faith and trust the PROCESS of discovering and being who you already are. Press forward in God, because you are A GREAT WOMAN!