Come Up Here!

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“Then as I looked, I saw a door standing open in heaven, and the same voice I heard before, which sounded like a mighty trumpet blast, spoke to me and said, “Come up here and I will show you what must happen in the future!” (Revelations 4:1).

 Several years ago God impressed me to share the above text with a friend. I didn’t fully understand the purpose then. It was not until recently that I came to comprehend. This morning as I revisited, read and meditated on the text, I sensed God’s invitation to a higher experience and relationship with Him.

I feel compel to inform you, that God is inviting you to a higher experience with Him in your business, career, studies and personal aspirations. He desires that you come up to a higher place, a new dimension with Him.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word come is defined as; to move toward something or to move or journey to vicinity with a specified purpose, to arrive at a particular place, end result or conclusion. Up is defined as from a lower to a higher place or position, toward the sky or ceiling, from beneath the ground or water to the surface. And the word here is defined as in this place, at this location, or into this place.  As I think about the stated definitions, all 3 words independently, is a call to rise to new dimensions.

As you decide to answer the call and journey towards a higher dimension, there are three points I’d like you to remember, while on your journey to accomplish your dreams, aspirations and purpose. 1. Coming up is a process, 2. Coming up is never easy and requires collaborate effort, 3. Coming up is worth it. Coming up can be compared to climbing a mountain. If you’ve ever attempted to climb a mountain, you are certainly a witness that climbing up, although exhilarating, is never an easy task. There is much preparation and at times much training throughout the process needed in order to experience a successful climb. In my research in investigating the process for climbing Mt. Everest, I came to find out that collaboration is also a must. There are guides who carry the equipments, prepare the routes and rescue the climbers who face difficulties when climbing. The guides risk their own lives so that climbers can get the glory and accomplish the set goal. And once the goal has been accomplished indeed the climber can surely say the coming up was worth it. Most who have climbed Mt. Everest say the picturesque views alone are worth a lifetime. So, as God is inviting you to come up, you can only imagine what those views will be like once you’ve arrived to that higher dimension with Him.

He’s inviting you to journey to a specified destination while you are here with breath. He desires for you to move forward in your purpose, your business, your book, your music, whatever your calling is, an invitation is given to you, to COME UP. And as He invites you to come, trust that God’s Holy Spirit is your personal guide as well as others whom God have specifically chosen to assist you and even rescue you in your journey of accomplishing your set purpose. Come up and be ready for an adventure where you’ll discover more concerning the gifts, the power, courage and grace He’s placed in you.

Come up, and discover the gifts God has freely given to you for the world. Will you accept the invitation today………..?