In Due Season!

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“He has made everything beautiful in its time…..”(Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Last week the weather in Maryland was quite beautiful. It was in the high 70s and reminded me of life in the sun in Florida. From all the snow and blizzards we’ve experienced even after spring flung in, I thought it would be a while before seeing the sun again. The snow, rain, cloudiness was quite honestly, discouraging. However, a few weeks after the blizzard and ridiculous cold, the sun was shining, birds were chirping and signs of life were again sprouting via the beautiful pink and white cherry blossom trees. As I basked in the sun enjoying the cherry blossoms and signs of new life, I had to reconsider my resentment of the cold and freezing rain. Regardless of how cold it is and gloomy life appears, there is always an expiring date for each season. Likewise in our lives and endeavors to accomplish our dreams, we too experience cold seasons of business freeze, ideas, visions, finances, etc.

Perhaps you may be in a season of financial famine; you’re running out of ideas, inspiration or motivation. Your vision is before you, yet you feel mentally numb and unable to move forward. Well my friend, I’m here to remind you this day, there’s an expiration date to this season of famine in your life. In the book of Acts 1:4 Christ commanded His disciples to not leave Jerusalem, but WAIT for the gift of the Holy Spirit which His Father, promised would be given unto them. How long have you been waiting for Christ promise to be fulfilled in your life? First, remember the gift God has given to you whether it’s a vision for a better future, a business which will become your ministry, your dreams, promises, etc. GOD is working all things out in spite of your feelings and seasons of lack of productivity. God gave you the vision and gift, hence He will sustain you.

As the rose buds begin to blossom, trust that your season of blossoming is near.  Trust that God is taking care of the vision He’s given to you even in the midst of your season of dryness. It shall rain again and the sun will indeed shine again. In the meantime, rest and rejuvenate your spirit with God’s promises, while dwelling upon His words of assurance and in due season you shall be filled.