Live it Up!

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I have often heard this statement, “Learn to live it up,” made to entrepreneurs or others who are engulfed and focused on their business or mission.  If you’re an entrepreneur,  I’m sure somewhere along your journey while you’re diligently consumed in reading, researching, planning, strategizing, networking, creating, etc, you’ve been charged to loosen up and live it up.  Well, I recall from the remarkable movie, “The Great Debaters,” starring Denzel Washington, in one of the scenes, Forest Whitaker who played Dr. James Farmer said to Denzel Whitaker who played his son, James Farmer Jr., “Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do.”

Being an entrepreneur or successful individual is about preparing and plotting to make a positive, practical and powerful contribution to our community. Those who are seeking to be successful are fully invested and understand very well the concept of delayed gratification.  They understand true success comes with much diligence, determination and sacrifice in order to acquire constructive outcomes. They understand success does not just happen. It’s understood before they can live it up, they have to first live it down by downsizing their finances, sometimes their social appearances or even their social network of friends. They’re focused, motivated with their eyes on the prize; the significant contribution they’re making to their community.

Too often we desire the prize without the sacrifice, the status without the hard work. Most people want to live it up without first living it down. In any endeavor those who are honorably successful and thriving learned and understand there are no shortcuts to success. One must first learn to live it down or modestly. This may mean, limiting or not going to the movies, taking trips or vacations, eating out or hanging with the crowd, sleeping late and waking early, etc…

Even Jesus before He was crowned and elevated was crucified. Hence, those who are seeking and working towards success are learning to live it down by doing what they have to do now, so that later they can unreservedly live it up, doing what they want to do.


TAKE ACTION:  What steps are you taking towards accomplishing your dreams and aspirations? What are some things you may have to give up temporarily?


1. There are no shortcuts to success

2. Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do!