Shed it Off!

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The Biggest Loser, was quite an inspiration, I thought I’d stay on track with the losing weight theme. Prior to being on the show, contestants are brought in front of a panel of judges Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels and Dolvett Quince, who also are the trainers. The contestants are probed and questioned concerning the reason THEY should be chosen to be on the show.

During the audition of season 15, Jillian expressed to one of the contestants, Tumi, who weighed 319lbs, “It’s a life or death intervention. You’re checking into rehab. Why are you here?” Her response, “I spent the last 40 years in fear, I want to spend the next ones a different way.” Jillian testing Tumi, charged her to run up the flights of stairs in the building. In Tumi’s own words she expressed, “I’m at a weight where the things I want to do, I can’t do. I just want a second chance so that I can live the life I’m supposed to live. The whole time up I didn’t want to quit on myself, I just kept on pushing.” She returned to the judges, tears in her eyes she conveyed, “You asked for twenty flights and I did thirty two.” With much determination and diligence, Tumi lost 175lbs!

What are you meant to do, BUT can’t do because of your obese emotional and mental weight? Life is the stage and playing field for which you are auditioning in order to harvest the success of obtaining your dream, while fulfilling your purpose. In order to run towards your success, you must get rid of any unhealthy emotional, mental and psychological fat preventing you from running the race towards your purpose. If you’re struggling with anger, unresolved pain, jealousy, a spirit of competitiveness where you find yourself competing with everyone else, resentment, un forgiveness, etc, in order to mature and honorably arrive at your end destination; success, you MUST get rid of all the baggage! Otherwise like leeches, your unresolved issues will seep through your business, career and relationships. SHED IT OFF! Shed of the weight of unhealthy perspectives that breeds pessimism. Shed off the weight of laziness otherwise your dream will only remain a dream. Shed of the weight of procrastination, the adulterer of diligence who is never faithful and will delay your progress and most certainly prevent your arrival to success. Your mental health is a life or death intervention to your success. A negative thought is like steady traffic causing you to remain stagnant and unproductive.

Remember, you are a work-in progress and must work daily and diligently to shed off those negative weights. You must press forward when it’s not convenient. You must press through your fears and insecurities. This mission is not about what you can or can’t do. It’s about what GOD IS doing in you and through you. You are an instrument executing a mission. On the road towards accomplishing that mission, you must get fit. You have to be fit, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and definitely physically. Stop dwelling on your weaknesses, and that which you lack and focus on the grace extended to you. Don’t you get it?!! You were chosen before the foundation of the world.  Trust that God’s power in you is greater than any force against you, greater than your inadequacies and the plots of your enemies, greater than your brokenness, mistakes and setbacks. Your setbacks CAN NOT hold your purpose back!

Let the warrior in you, prayerfully and diligently shed of those negative weights that has been holding you back. May God help you work through any heavy baggage preventing you from moving forward. May you be granted peace, strength and courage as you trust the process, while continuing towards your ultimate destination.