Warriors, Move Forward !

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I don’t watch very much T.V. (well, at least after the NBA is over and the Miami Heat’s have won..:) ) however, when I do it’s usually something inspiring or something I can learn or laugh about. Not too long ago, I watched the Live Finale of the “Biggest Loser”, season 15. There are so many inspiring individuals who are truly determined to become healthier for themselves and family. As a result they painfully, work off their unhealthy weight. In one of the episodes, David, one of the contestants, testimonial was quite captivating. He had been married for six months and found out his wife had brain cancer and eventually she passed away.  He weighed 409lbs and tattooed the symbol of WARRIOR on his chest to remind himself that he is a warrior and ready for the battle, fighting the fight to lose weight. He lost 222lbs.

As I pondered on David’s testimony, whatever your endeavors, if you’re determined to be successful, you must have the mind of a warrior. You must be ready to fight even when it hurts. When you’re tired and find yourself ready to give up, you have to remember that giving up is not an option. You must accept the process and trust that everything is working out for your good. What would become of individuals like Oprah Winfrey, if she had chosen to give up because of her traumatic experiences of sexual abuse or being a lil’ black girl from Mississippi in the 1950’s? As we all know, Oprah is now a media mogul. What about Abraham Lincoln who was defeated numerous times and experienced numerous setbacks? We see that it was his persistence that finally led him to become the U. S. President in 1860. Under his presidency, in 1865 slavery in America was abolished.  There are countless others who experienced tragic adversities and setbacks, yet rose above their dire circumstances to press on and finally make significant contributions within their community and world.

So listen up WARRIOR! Don’t give up, give in or throw in the towel because you have few resources for your big vision and find yourself with little or no money. I know countless investors may have said no, and at times your vision seems insurmountable, but you must press on with a warrior like attitude. So what if you’re facing adversity and have experienced many closed doors? Understand that your purpose and vision is bigger than anyone’s wallet, black cards or even empire. And you must understand at times most people will not understand your passion for your vision. If you don’t believe your purpose is bigger than your challenges, than perhaps you may want to re-consider. You’ve been given a gift from the Almighty to bestow to this world. You must honor it even in the worst of times.  Did you think the journey to success was going be easy, a walk in the park along beautiful rosaries? Not quite, but you must press on and persevere towards the mark set out for you.

The pre-requisites for achieving the ultimate success you desire, is to struggle. Remember “No pain, No glory”. You must master mental setbacks and let the warrior in you endure and persevere. Diligent hands will indeed bring a profit. When all others, to include all circumstances would refute your vision, you must stand in boldness and be resilient less you’ll miss the lesson in the process and witness your dream and vision die to others reality for you.

Let the warrior in you tap into your faith and press forward with your vision. The world is waiting for your story, your invention and contribution. What will we read concerning you? WARRIOR thou art, move forward!